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Nola Black X Sanitary Aid NG: Looking Back To Give Back

2020 has been one of the toughest years young Nigerians have had to experience in recent times, and as we conclude the year and head into the typically festive season, Nola Black has chosen to celebrate by partnering with Sanitary Aid for Nigerian Girls, a cutting-edge women and girls centered non-governmental organization, to donate a portion of our December sales proceeds through an initiative called “Looking Back to Give Back“.

Excerpt: Looking back to give back
What a whirlwind 2020 has been. The times represented by parts of contemporary living abruptly stripped away, every part of our human existence laid bare, home life and self image magnified, for one and for all. We were more apart than ever but also closer than ever. Our worlds mirrored each other, our realities were evidently more alike and connected than we ever really admitted. With one incident was another one around the corner more shocking, devastating crises, health, political and social. Everything was peaking dramatically as a result of new social behaviour. The air was dense, the head was heavy, the mind fleeting with memories, time was smudged, reality has shifted into a new lane but in the chaos we find peace.  It has never been more of a responsibility or even a necessity to look around you with love, empathy and a need to make a positive difference. Somehow, locked away in solitude, we found solace in each other. We are inspired by and appreciative of the strength and bravery of everyone who has spread and impacted positivity in these strange times. Retrospecting on 2020, we are looking to give more, love better and learning to love life again.

I, Snowflakes & Pearls

I, Snowflakes & Pearls

A snowflake, a pearl and I walk into a bar. Absolutely no one is like us, and all was as it should be. Snowflakes; delicate, distinct, perfectly symmetrical, infinite. Pearls; rare, birthed, pristine, infinite. Likewise, we are distinct, unlimited in variation and infinitely faultless. No two people are exactly alike. This is a metaphor for god signing on our faces after creating us. Like the snowflake, the pearl, you, me, perfectly infinite.


Creative Director: @arin_nolablack

Photography: @jayolowu

Muse: @naes_chronicle

Model: @jozzie_o

Make Up: @lailacadne

PM: @ifedayo_

Brand: Nola Black @nolablackng

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