I, Snowflakes & Pearls

I, Snowflakes & Pearls

A snowflake, a pearl and I walk into a bar. Absolutely no one is like us, and all was as it should be. Snowflakes; delicate, distinct, perfectly symmetrical, infinite. Pearls; rare, birthed, pristine, infinite. Likewise, we are distinct, unlimited in variation and infinitely faultless. No two people are exactly alike. This is a metaphor for god signing on our faces after creating us. Like the snowflake, the pearl, you, me, perfectly infinite.


Creative Director: @arin_nolablack

Photography: @jayolowu

Muse: @naes_chronicle

Model: @jozzie_o

Make Up: @lailacadne

PM: @ifedayo_

Brand: Nola Black @nolablackng

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