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Olokun, SS18 Synopsis

Inspired by the duplicity of the Olokun. Neither a god nor a goddess, and also both. Nola Black draws identification of duality from Olokun. Being both. Harmony.

Olokun, the deity of the deep abyss, the ocean and the unfathomable. This represents the deep abyss of the ocean impenetrable by any form of light, the darkest coldest part of the ocean.

In parity, the being represents rebirth, renewal of life as all life that ends rest on the bed of the deep ocean and there it begins. Giving a varied form of existence to life beyond light, it is believed that more life lies beneath the abyssal zone. Water is consciousness.

Nola Black, in the true nature of the brand, emphasizes the universal applications to balance and harmony in contraries because in truth we are both.

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