Nola Black is a contemporary pret-á-porter womenswear brand operating out of Nigeria.

Nola Black seeks to find balance in extremes, creating a dynamic combination of contrasting elements through clothing made predominantly in black and white. A focal point of our brand is highlighting the inseparable duality in entities – the wholeness in their complementarity, interconnection and interdependence. With an ethos – that all things exist in halves to make a whole – Nola Black hopes to bring to light duplicity as a path to freedom amid a cultural and fashion scene overtaken by monolithic expressions and thought lines of singularity.

We offer fashion with a focus, providing peculiar fashion for our mentally independent, utterly expressive and highly creative soul sisters. We provide women with a clothing language that allows for a layered form of self expression, one that interprets individuality and also completes/complements their lifestyle and self image. Nola Black represents slow fashion filled with personality, edge, quirk, evolved emotion and expressive peculiarity through every outlet.

We are a brand of deliberate expression; through visual storytelling we create an alternative to the existent fashion monoliths and the idea of what exportation out of Africa means. Overall, the core of the brand revolves around modernism, edginess and essentially creating individualistic pieces for women looking to express self in a different way.