Nola Black is a contemporary pret-á-porter womenswear fashion brand advocating fashion as a valid means of expression used to solidify the self. In offering forward fashion, we explore concepts inspired by lived human experiences and juxtapose realities highlighting complex emotion and ever evolving global perspective of progressive Nigerian & African women. We provide multifaceted women with an unorthodox clothing language that affirms a heterogenous form of self pronouncement, interprets individuality, mirrors and completes their lifestyle and self image.

We represent slow-fashion filled with personality, quirk and evolved emotion. Overall, the exterior of the brand revolves around modernism, edginess and essentially creating individualistic pieces for women. We achieve timeless edge through critical design, adding depth and character to clothing by intertwining the reach of matter, mind and material.

Our mission is to promote a culture that counters meaningless and fast fashion by deliberate storytelling of our valid point of view as global-minded African women, ultimately advancing sustainable production & consumption. Internally, we maintain values dedicated to the advancement of all women through partnerships, collaborations and affiliations.